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Pat Gleason is a Hot Springs National Park based photographer. He is inspired by a variety of subjects in the realm of photographic journalism. Pat captures each image in his own unique  perspective, incorporating his style and spirit into each capture, which often adds interest to the images he shoots.

Two of the most important things related to “following a dream,” are Time and Money. Both of which, there never seems to be enough of.

To all aspiring photographers, get out there and shoot!

Pat graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2004. Pat has been dabbling in photography and graphic arts for many years. The coursework he engaged in at RMSP was their Digital Intensive Program. It was at that time when Pat decided to convert from film to digital. It was a fantastic learning experience in Missoula, Montana.

Pat shoots with a Nikon D2X and also has a back-up D70. Pat uses a variety of Nikkor and Tamron Lenses for his creativity. He supports his obsession by doing accounting, auditing, and taxes.

If Pat can answer any questions, don’t hesitate calling.

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